Donations update

“It is not beyond our power to create a world in which all children have access to a good education” Nelson Mandela

Sadly, many children around the world and here in Vietnam, are still unable to access education. As a teacher, I believe all children have a fundamental right to learn and it is heartbreaking and simply wrong, that many are unable to access any sort of education.

However this week, with your generous donations, we have employed a full time teacher for the next 12 months to work at Binh Anh Centre for children. Friends for Street Children, work tirelessly to ensure kids from both rural and urban areas are enrolled in education and are provided with the paperwork they need to ensure a brighter future.

Binh Anh Centre, not only provides academic learning but a safe environment where children are free to play, form friendships and express themselves. The children are also provided with hot food and snacks which help their families who are struggling to provide the nutrition they need. During these covid times, FFSC are also supporting families who have lost jobs and homes due to the pandemic.

Love Naomi (aka Nam)

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