Additional donations to Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

Today we donated enough funds to ensure 3.6 Blue Dragon kids have healthy meals for the entirety of 2021.

This is a life line for the kids and will ensure they go to school with a full belly and a mind that is ready and able to learn.

Blue Dragon charity holds a special place in my heart, the incredible work that they do with street kids and victims of trafficking is truly life saving and I am forever inspired by the amazing team who work tirelessly around the country.

On a personal note, when I was injured in Hanoi, the Blue Dragon ladies opened up their home to me and I will be forever grateful. Without them, it would have been a really low, lonely time but instead I was surrounded by inspirational, kind, strong women. They made me even more determined to complete my mission to run from Hanoi to HCMC.

Blue Dragon smiles

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