Green Bamboo Warm Shelter donations update

It feels like a life time ago that I finished my 2200km run from Hanoi to HCMC, to raise support and awareness of children’s and women’s charities in Vietnam.

Covid-19 has well and truly made 2020 a bit of a disappointing year for most of us.

Whoever you speak to, they have a sad story of how the virus has affected their lives. To me personally, it prevented my ever patient and supportive parents, being in Saigon to run to the finish line and celebrate with me. It has now also stopped them from being able to come out at Christmas. All of this makes me very sad. However, I do know I am lucky that everyone I know is healthy and is able to support themselves. I also have a roof over my head, a stable income and a wealth of wonderful friends.

Unfortunately, this virus has made poverty both here in Vietnam, and around the world, worse. Young boys are leaving the safety of their countryside villages to seek work in the cities, in order to provide for their families. Saigon, is my home and I love it but I cannot imagine the fear that these boys experience having to sleep on, the often intimidating, streets at night, as they fail to find work and are swept into an ever worse cycle of poverty, hunger and loneliness.

Fortunately, Green Bamboo Warm Shelter, is working tirelessly to support these boys and young men. They are woefully understaffed and have lost many of their regular volunteers, as they have had to return to their home countries due to covid-19. Today, with your kind donations, we were able to employ two social workers who will make a huge difference to the lives of many vunerable, scared kids. With this extra manpower, the shelter will be able to support more boys to begin their journey back into education or vocational training before finding a stable, safe job. The social workers ensure the boys have a warm place to stay, clothes, food, games and friends.

I am thrilled that your donations have ensured health, happiness and a brighter future for these boys. It will truly change many, many lives.

As always, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love Nam


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