Donation update from Blossom House

When I visited Blossom House, I instantly fell in love with the family vibe of the home and the strong connections the girls had with each other and the staff.

Blossom House provides a safe home for girls who are victims of trafficking, abuse and neglect. The home provides a safe roof over their heads, access to education, healthcare, love and attention.

I am so pleased I am able to support the girls with funds raised from my run from Hanoi to HCMC. Below is a summery of the huge impact our donation is making and will continue to make in the future. It will ensure the girls have the bright future they deserve.

I have also included some pictures of the girls and their awesome artwork and literacy skills.

English translation below

If you would like to know more about the awesome work done at Blossom House click on this link

There is still time to donate to support women and children who really need it.

Thank you for reading!

Love Naomi (aka Nam)


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