The Corona Chronicles continue…

The people below have been my rocks this week. Without them it would have been the most difficult week of the entire journey. Thank you Jules, Hazel, Ellie, Ian, Mikey, Pete, Vung, baby Lena and Emma.

Fitness friends fighting against Corona stigma
Being treated like a queen
Nothing beats a seafood dinner with friends

Vietnam has done a great job stopping the spread of the virus, known as ‘Miley’ in cockney rhyming slang. (I wonder if you can figure out why)

The streets here in Vung Tau are super quiet and the majority of locals are wearing masks. I have found myself fighting a losing battle to find accommodation, in the local cheap guest houses that I have used throughout this journey. Sadly, the friendly welcomes I had become accustomed to have long since gone. I am now a source of fear in this country. I absolutely understand that people are cautious but being treated like the enemy and a social outcast, leaves me feeling lost and upset. Especially when I am not given an opportunity to explain that I have not left Vietnam for the last 7 months and definately do not have corona. “Khong Corona!”

Last night I found out that my legends of parents, will no longer be able to join me on my 5km finish lap of Thao Dien Loop. As Vietnam have stopped entry into the country for many European countries. Again, I understand why but I am absolutely gutted. My dad, who turns 65, on 25th Match, my finish date, has been secretly training to run the last 5km with me. I am heartbroken that this is no longer going to happen.

Team Skinner

On Monday, I will now be running my longest distance of the entire trip. I have to run 48km into outer Saigon, as the island of Can Gio, known locally as Monkey Island, has closed its doors to tourists so I will be unable to find accommodation. I will embrace the challenge and know that I can do it but it’s not the ideal end to this trip!

The long way home!

As my wise mum said, we are lucky that we are well and everyone we know is ok. I need to remember this when I’m feeling sorry for myself.

This run has been about kindness and together we have raised an unbelievable, life-changing amount of money for vunerable children and women in this country that I call home. My chosen charities are struggling more and more each week that this virus continues to be an issue. They are unable to attend fundraising events to raise the money they so badly need to help improves the lives and futures of the community.

More than ever, please dig deep and donate as much or as little as you can.

At the moment, my finish line events are still going ahead. 21st March at Saigon Sports Club In District 7 and the final 5km on the 25th March in District 2. More information on these events can be found on my Facebook and Instagram pages @namrunsnam

Thank you so much for reading
Love Naomi (aka Nam)

2 thoughts on “The Corona Chronicles continue…

  1. You will find the inner strength to keep going Naomi, now so close to completing your Challenge. The amount of money you have raised for very worthy causes is incredible. Your blog has been brilliant. Stay safe.


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