Daphne and Casi chat about their experiences on the road.

Two weekends ago, I was joined by my friends Maria and Sarah and their kids. On international women’s Day, I asked the 11 year old girls to write about their experiences.

Daphne’s reflections…

My weekend with NamRunsNam
Running with NamRunsNam was an incredible experience because it felt
amazing running for all those charities and even just supporting Ms Naomi.

On the 1st night we stayed in quite a fancy place where each room was a little Beach shed and they had a little bathroom attached to it. We ran 15km the next day and stopped at about 11 to have a rest break and sat in some
hammocks. Later we went to a small motel and a seafood place for dinner.

When we woke up we headed down the road for breakfast and ended up
having egg banh mi and then soon started running. That day we only ran 10km but it was still great fun!

What am I proud of?

● Supporting all the charities
● Running overall 24km
● On the first day the 12th kilometre was the fastest and I had a
personal best of running a 6 minute kilometre
● On the second day I ran a continuous kilometre and a half
● I had a lot of fun!

In the future I would like to join the school athletics and running teams.

Daphne (08.03.20)

Feeling proud

Casi’s reflections…

I loved running with Ms Naomi. I especially liked the food on our last meal. There where so many story’s to tell but this is probably the most craziest.

We where almost at the first hotel on Friday and we where talking about what we brought and Ms Sarah (my mum) and Ms Maria both forgot the passports and the law in Vietnam is you need to show your passports and the motel we stayed at needed them and then we sorted it but then 2 hours after they came worried saying we need the passports now because the police where coming because they needed the real thing not pictures. Then the taxi man Tam went and got them. And that’s the end of the story.

I had the best time with Ms Naomi from the drama about passports to baby buffalo to guinea pigs to the running.

Casi (08.03.20)


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