Vinh Hy to Phan Rang Weekender, as told by Ellie, Jules and Hazel.

I was lucky to have more guests visit me this weekend. I’ve never been so popular!

Hazel (left), Jules, me and Ellie.

I asked them to write about their time in the road with me. They have just sent this, before flying back to Saigon.

Sitting in Cam Ranh airport, it’s time to reflect on an exhausting yet fabulous weekend with the wonderwoman undertaking ‘NamRunsNam’.

Our days were short compared to Naomi’s regular mileage (16km + 16km) but they gave is an insight into what life on the road can be like.

The biggest challenge for all of us was the heat. We are all used to running in Vietnamese humidity, but nothing prepares you for running in midday sun with the extra weight of a rucksack.

On the first day, we had a few hills to contend with, but that gave us a welcomed walk or two to break the steady jog we were managing (nothing close to Nam’s regular pace)! There was drama when Hazel took a stumble-tumble. Luckily, just a few scrapes – nothing Naomi’s first aid kit couldn’t deal with – and it justified her having carried if for nearly 2000k (first use here).

That evening, we stayed at a lovely hotel with a pool, which kindly gave ua a room for free in acknowledgement of Naomi’s epic journey.

Day two was tough after the aches that had materialised after our first day. Today saw a much flatter road along the coast passing many salt flats yet still the same sweltering heat. How on Earth does she do this every day?

At one point we passed a coach of western tourists who, confused at the 4 sweaty westerners running in the midday sun, stopped to chat. Upon hearing about what Naomi is doing, they were genuinely gob-smacked. It really brought home how immense her challenge is to someone who is just hearing about it for the first time. Their reaction reminded us of the enormity of her challenge which we have become used to through daily updates.

Running with Naomi over this weekend, has given is all an insight into the varied ways of life in a very small part of the Vietnamese countryside: from vineyards, salt flats, garlic fields, shrimp farms to wind farms. We will keep memories of friendly locals calling ‘hello’ or saying from their motorbikes with a cheerful honk of the horn.

Our weekend was only a small snippet of Naomi’s journey. We are all aching and slightly broken and have nothing but massive admiration for what she is doing.

Well done Naomi! Keep on running and we will see you on the road again soon. You are amazing to be taking on this challenge for such worthy causes.

If you can, please donate via her GoFundMe page.

Jules, Ellie and Hazel

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