Nick’s experience of namrunsnam

I asked Nick to do a write up of his time on the road with me. I was expecting a slaying, instead I got my ego massaged!

Here’s what he had to say.

After the endless pestering from Nai and the numerous promises I’d made to run with her, it was finally time to get my (El’s) bag and head to Nha Trang for the weekend.

I’ve been speaking to Nai throughout her trip and always wanted to join her for a stint, to see what life on the road was like for her. I was truly honoured to be joining her and witnessing firsthand how incredible a person she is and the journey she’s on.

Friday night, as she said, was carb-loading at our usual spot and then it was time to head out. How is it that after 4 months on the road, she had a lighter bag than I did??? and I was only there for 2 nights…mental. Running out along the beach was lovely, running through local markets, dodging the drive-by shoppers and heading towards the coastal road. As you may know, Cam Ranh airport is actually about 35kms south of Nha Trang. So the night before, I’d already driven the route we were about to take, it was gonna be a slog!

We did it though and Nai could easily have done more! She just motored on. Even at the end, after we officially became “Ultrarunners”, I swear she could have done 50kms, 60 even? It was the first time I’d run that kind of distance and the first time I’d been out on the road for 7 hours! But I’ll do it again. She’s an inspiration to everyone who comes in contact with her. Whether it’s the locals who look on in disbelief as she tells them she started in Hanoi, 4 months back, or other travellers who usually start with a laugh until they realise she’s not joking. We’re already planning more long runs together and if/when she signs up for Bali, I’ll know I have an incredible running partner to go with.

Thanks for allowing me to share just a couple of days with you on this journey. Stay strong, keep going and we’re all looking forward to welcoming you back home in a few weeks.

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