Leaving Saigon. For now…

Scroll down for short blog.

It’s time to leave Saigon after an epic 4 years. I’m sat having my final airport beer and feeling more emotional than I expected.
I’ve got almost 2 months back in the UK before returning to start my run at the beginning of October in Hanoi. I’ve got lots of multi day trail runs planned so hopefully will be fit, healthy and ready to go! I’m currently getting a form sorted for you guys to sign up to run with me for a day, weekend, week or month! If any of my UK based friends would like to join me for some slow training runs over the next couple of months that would be awesome. Just drop me a message!
I also have a suitcase stuffed full of ‘race to saigon’ games, created by the fabulous Ellie. If you haven’t done so already let me know if you’d like one. Only 7GBP and all money goes to support children’s education and wellbeing in Vietnam.

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