Running around Saigon…

Running in Saigon can be brutal but it’s taught me that if I can enjoy running here I can enjoy it anywhere! The heat, the traffic, the noise can, at times, be overbearing but it’s also a comfort as I know I’m never far from a cafe su da (very strong Vietnamese coffee) or a banh mi (vietnamese baguette).

I love running through bustling streets, over jam-packed bridges and past the constrasting buildings of this city. I have discovered countless tiny hems (streets) with welcoming cafes and have highfived numerous security guards. I especially love running by the Saigon river in early evening when the street food stalls really come alive and hundreds of kites are being flown in the sky.

My talented photographer friend, Jon Fitton, has taken on the mammoth challenge of taking a decent photo of me. I am famously un-photogeneic amongst the people who know me best. He is still searching for ‘the perfect shot’ but here are a few that show off this wonderful city that I am lucky enough to call home.

Thank you for reading and a huge thank you to Jon for your patience in dealing with “my photo face”.