Probably should do some planning and prep…

So it turns out deciding to run a country takes a bit more planning than just throwing on my pack and running.

The question I’m being asked most at the moment is “how’s the planning coming along?”. My mouth is saying “yes, great, I’m really excited”. The voice in my head is whispering “what the hell have you gotten yourself into, you have no idea what you’re doing!”

I’ve recently bought myself some ultra distance Salomon runners and have been given a mirco tent by my amazing friend, ‘The German’ (aka Andy) who is a designer for Jack Wolfskin. He also given me a trekking pack that is lightweight, which I’m planning on throwing some more stuff into. Problem is I’m not sure what stuff I should be throwing in. Number one on the list is my kindle. But what else!? I want to stay as lightweight as possible.

Any tips very much appreciated!