Getting stronger… Unit 27

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Karon beach, Phuket
Unit 27, Chalong, Phuket
Assault bikes and great team mates
Outdoor session at the cross fit, unit 27
Pulled, pushed, flipped, jumped in, on and over.
Motto of the week and going forward (sometimes I felt like going home!)
Gym street art
Team work!
A variant of this every single morning.
Still working on that six pack…

The reality that I’m running the length of a country is beginning to sink in.. and so is a slight sense of PANIC!!!

As a primary school teacher I am lucky to have quite a few holidays. This TET holiday (Chinese New year) I decided to go on my first active holiday. I am writing this from my lovely studio apartment on “fitness street”, Chalong, Phuket, Thailand. I’ve been here for 12 days and tomorrow is my last day. Although I’ve already decided to return again for a fortnight in April!

My mission for this holiday was to become stronger, up my fitness game and see how hard I could push myself. I joined UNIT 27, which has 3 locations along this street. They offer an amazing array of fitness classes and I have tried to experience them all. All of which have left me in a pool of sweat on the floor. Classes such as; rapid fire, morning glory, drill Sargent, the yard, tour de unit, have all pushed me to my absolute limit and I am LOVING IT!

I have met some amazing people, all here for their own reasons and they are all inspiring. The candid conversations that have happened without the needed for alcohol have been inspirational, motivating, supportive and above all kind. One strong individual said “life would be better if women could just be kinder to each other”. This is absolutely true and I will be passing this onto all the epic women I know. Confidence is key!!! We are the ones who will push ourselves but also the ones who stop ourselves.

This place is awesome, I couldn’t recommend it more! The classes, trainers, food and protein shakes have all made me a better person. I feel stronger both physically and mentally. Bring it on!!!!